Who are we?

Inclusion Czech Republic

For over fifty years, we have been working for a better life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. The organization has over 7,000 members associated in 57 local associations in the fourteen regions of the Czech Republic.

We provide expert opinions on all changes and decisions made by authorities and institutions at all levels of public administration. We point out problems faced by people with intellectual disabilities and their families. We push for changes that positively impact on the life of people with disabilities and their families. We offer support for their mutual interaction, sharing of experiences and solutions to the challenges they face. We organize courses and publish materials to support the education of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, social workers, the expert public and the public at large.

We strive for people with intellectual disabilities to be taken by the whole society as equal citizens and to have the opportunity to participate in all areas of life.

Rytmus, o. p. s.

We are people working in a non-profit organization that supports active inclusion of people with disabilities in life – in school, work, their place of residence and their leisure activities.

We base our approach on respect to human rights, on active assistance in inclusion in original environment, on support for autonomy and independence. We draw on community resources of support in the society and we approach our clients as individuals. By providing social services and organizing topical events we support people in claiming their rights.

Rytmus, East Bohemia

We focus on supporting disadvantaged people from Pardubice Region, especially people with intellectual disabilities, in all spheres of their lives. Our goal is to help disadvantaged people live full lives.

We offer support to develop skills leading to independent living for people with intellectual disabilities. We offer courses for those who want to improve their skills, or for the family members and others close to the users of our services. Employers who wish to employ users of our services can approach us, as can those from the expert or general public who are interested in integration of people with disadvantages.

Who is behind the project?

Camille Latimier

Camille is executive director of Inclusion Czech Republic (SPMP ČR.) She has more than ten years’ experience in the rights of people with intellectual disabilities, on the national and European levels. She focuses on legal capacity, rights of children with intellectual disabilities and accessibility (easy-to-read, accessibility of public services and agencies, accessibility of elections).

"My vision is an accessible society, where each person feels valued and not diminished by useless bureaucracy. An accessible society is one where a civil servant respects you and supports you, where public material is accessible in several formats, thanks to which each person can find their way around in public and official matters! There is a lot work to do, so I am looking forward to this project!"


Veronika Juříčková

Veronika works at the Prague office of Inclusion Czech Republic and is the chief coordinator of the Accessible Society project. With courage!

"I’ve been working with people with disabilities for over ten years. One of the things that bother me is the inaccessibility of the system. We put obstacles on the path of people with disabilities (and others) and then act surprised that they need a lot of support in overcoming them. I would be enough to just remove these obstacles and allow everyone equal possibilities! I hope that through this project we will support those who would like to remove these obstacles and perhaps just don’t know how to do it."


Klára Silovská

Klára works in the Prague office of Rytmus, and in this project she focuses on engaging self-advocates.

“I’ve come across social work somewhat by coincidence, but I knew right away it was the right thing for me. I enjoy including people with intellectual disabilities in regular life. I work on support to independent living and I’m glad to see that I can fully fulfil my creative side in my work.”


Hanka Kombercová

Hanka works in the Rytmus Východní Čechy, she works on a project that aims to support self-advocates.